Windows 7 Problems with Microsoft Blutooth Notebook Mouse 5000

Mar 23, 2010
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Hey guys,
so as the title says, i'm having some problems with my Microsoft Blutooth Notebook Mouse 5000.

I'm running Windows 7 Professional on an Acer Aspire 5740G (1 month old).

When i first paired the mouse with the laptop (a couple days after getting the laptop), everything worked fine. The mouse paired, and it simply worked.

Then, about two weeks ago the mouse starting not working half the time. As in, it would randomly disconnect and nothing would get it working until i rebooted the laptop. I thought it was the batteries at first, but new ones did nothing.
After a few more days, the mouse stopped working altogether.
In attempts to get it working i've changed the batteries, uninstalled and reinstalled the driver software, tried to re-pair the mouse with the laptop, told the laptop it is not allowed to disable the bluetooth device to save power, changed the startup setting for bluetooth support services from manual to automatic, etc...

Now, i think the problem i have is that i cannot seem to remove the mouse from the laptop, so the laptop obviously refuses to find the mouse when i try to add a new device, since they are already paired. The mouse does NOT appear in the list under bluetooth devices(there are no items displayed since the mouse is my only bluetooth device).
The only place the mouse appears (permanently, whether the mouse or my bluetooth radio are on or off) is under "Devices and Printers" under devices, but there is no option to remove the mouse from the laptop.

I'm really starting to get ****ed off at this mouse...
Can anyone offer some advice? Some other things to try maybe???



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