problems with inserting comments



Basically, i received an excel 2007 file (xlsx or whatever) and i have 2003
(xls). so i opened the file, and it converted it to 2003 format.. as normal.
however, in this file there are comments on certain cells (w/ the little red
corner and the note attached kinda thing) which are important. and i can't
see them... i've re-saved it as an xls file, checked for settings, but i dont
know what's going on. can anyone help me figure out why they arent showing
up? i can still add, edit, delete these comments - the only problem is with
seeing them w/out having to edit them.

any help?



Gord Dibben

Can you see the red arrows?

If not, go to Tools>Options>View and checkmark "Comment indicator only"

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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