Problems upgrading 2 separate OE email accounts



I am running XP and Outlook Express 6. I am trying to
upgrade to Outlook 2002. My husband and I have 2 separate
email accounts set up with our ISP. We also have 2
separate accounts set up in XP.

In OE, each of us have our accounts set up and we have
our own inboxes and our own contacts. However, we only
have one PST file set up in c:\windows.

After installing 2002, I am unable to import our data
separately. I configure Outlook to have our individual
email addresses but I end up with an Inbox under both
users that contains all of our email together. Also, the
only contacts that I can access are my husbands.

I will be eternally grateful to anyone who can help me
with this mess! Thanks in advance. I have restored my
system to only have Outlook Express and will be starting
from scratch loading Outlook 2002.


I figured this out on my own - partly by reading replies
to other posts on this board.

In case anyone else has the same issue, here's what I
did.I configured my husbands account first and then
switched XP to my account. Yep, I had his email and
contacts. I went into CTRL Panel and deleted the mail
account. Then, when I started Outlook, it prompted me to
configure it. I supplied my email account info. Then, I
came up to a blank inbox and contacts. I did an import
from OE and supplied my email address. Sure enough, it
came in with my email and my contacts. It did not import
my subfolders under contacts but I was able to import
them individually. This stuff is so neat when it works!

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