Problems inserting .pdf into .docx



I'm trying to insert a .pdf file into a .docx file (Word 2007). I've used the
"Insert/Object" path and tried both "Create New" and "Create from File"
options. The first page of this multi-page .pdf shows up, but none of the
other pdf's pages are visible. I want to maintain the pdf as a pdf rather
than convert it to .docx because I want to maiintain the integrity of
formatting, page breaks, etc. I also have to eventually insert several pdf
files and want to make sure all the pages show up. Can anyone help?

Graham Mayor

Objects cannot span pages in Word so you will only ever be able to see
single page PDFs or the first page of multi-page PDFs.
The only solution is to split the PDF for which you will need a PDF
'printer' driver such as Acrobat or (say) PrimoPDF and print each page of
the PDF to the driver as a separate print job. Word documents with lots of
inserted full page objects can become unstable ... and very large!
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Depending on how long the PDF is that you want to insert, and how many of
them you have, you can also use Acrobat's snapshot tool to select the area of
each page you want to insert. You basically select the area and it
automatically copies, then you can paste it into your document and resize it
appropriately. However, it's tedious to manually insert many pages from a
multi-page PDF, and it does make for very big files!

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