Problems exporting large query results to text delimited format


Barbara L

Recently changed from Access 2003 to Access 2007 and am now having problems
exporting large query results. I have queries with over 2 million data lines
that need to be exported and sent to others. I found that I could export any
amount of data lines when I was using 2003. Using the 2007 version, I keep
getting a message saying I can not export more than 65,000 data lines. That
seems silly since 2007 has over a million data lines in Excel. Using the
Text Delimited format, allows my end users to import the data directly into
any large data warehouse product they are using.

Jerry Whittle

I just successfully exported a query with 2.2 million records to a text file
using Access 2007. The resulting file was about 113 MB in size. I used the
External Data tab and Export Text File. I made sure to select Delimited.

How did you do your export? Like I did or using code or a macro? If code or
macro, please post what they say.

The 65K error message makes it seems that it is trying to export to an older
version of Excel and not text.

Do you have the most recents service packs? I'm on SP 2.

Barbara L

Thank you for the help. I found that one step was not clear. Once you
click Export/Text File, specify the destination, but do not click any of the
boxes under the "Specify Export Options" section. If you just click okay at
the Export/Text File screen, it then takes you do the part allowing one to
specify delimited etc.
Thanks for getting the ball rolling.
Barb L

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