Problems accessing an XP Pro machine from and XP Home Machine

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Tom Schoeneweis

Here is the situation

Machine serving data - XP Pro, SP2 fully updated.

Client machine trying to access the data - XP Home, SP2 fully updated.

I set up an account with administrator rights on the Pro machine for the
person using the Home machine. However, attempting to access the Pro
machine, the user is prompted for user name and password. If they are typed
in, user can see the Pro machine, but this is not good enough to access the
data (MSDE database, with only Windows Authentication)

My personal laptop (XP Pro), has no problem accessing the server, nor does
another machine in the office running XP home. This would seem to me to be
a problem on the Pro machine, but I'm stymied. Can anyonme suggest what I
might be missing. I have deleted and re-created the user. I did disable

Accounts: Limit local account use of blank passwords to console logon only

in the local security policy editor. My normal login on m,y laptop is not
passworded, nor is the XP home machine that has no problem, however, the
machine unable to login does have a password. Any relation here?


Tom Schoeneweis


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