Problems about AIW 9800 pro & MMC 9.15



I changed my video card from 9550 to AIW 9800 pro. It took me a long
time to install the newest driver to make it seems good on Winxp 32bit,
but the MMC can't open TV tuner, saying it can't find tv tuner card.
However, the tv tuner card is in the device list, and I can use Windvr
to watch TV. I just can't use the remote controller now.

I tried to install it on my Winxp 64bit. But the screen looks like
crashed after restarted. I had to uninstall all video card drivers
under safe mode, use the windows default driver only. Now the screen
seems ok, I just can't play Need For Speed. I tried, but the game
halted and system restarted automatically. More over, I still can't
install MMC on Winxp 64. It said it is not installed completely, and I
can't uninstall it from control panel!

MMC is the worst thing ATI made.

Please help me.



I reinstalled Winxp 32bit. However, after I installed the display
driver from the CD-Rom with the card and then restarted system, it said
the driver is not compatable with Winxp!

What a strange thing!

Then I had to install the newest driver downloaded from ATI website.
Thank God! It works now. Another problem is that ATI MMC really sucks!
The newest one doesn't work with my TV tuner and system. It always says
it can't find the TV tuner. And the nightmare is that it is very
difficult to unintall the MMC. I tried hours to uninstall it and
install the old version from the CD-Rom. Now it seems OK.

However, same problems happened in my Winxp 64bit. The driver doesn't
work, and MMC doesn't neither. I had to unintall MMC and use WINDVR.

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