Problem with Vlookup and Data Validation


Billy B

I have a cell with data validation. Cell D4 in the worksheet contains a
validation list that comes from a range named FullList and that works fine.
There are three cells which I have written VLookup formulas that get data
from the second, third and fourth columns of the FullList range. What I want
to do is have the 3 cells change based on the contents of D4. If I open the
workbook new, the Vlookup cells change based on my selection however, when I
make another selection in D4, the values do not change in the Vlookup cells.
I have tried RefreshAll without success. Is there another function to refresh
the data in the Vlookup cells?

Thank you very very much.



T. Valko

Make sure calculation is set to automatic.

Tools>Options>Calculation tab>Automatic>OK

Tom Hutchins

Is your Calculation option set to Manual? Try pressing F9.

To set calculation to automatic: in XL2007, select Formulas >> Calculation
Options >> Automatic. In XL2003, select Tools >> Options >> Calculation tab
Hope this helps,



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