Problem with signatures on messages


Mike Webb

Using Outlook 2003 on SBS 2003. We are still on dial-up until the summer,
so we use SMTP via Exchange to getto the ISP.
Our Director told me he has gone into Tools>Options>Mail Format and created
a signature for his emails. In both blocks (Signature for new messages, and
Signature for replies and forwards) he has used the drop-down list to select
his signature, yet he only gets the signature to show up on New messages.

What might be preventing his signature from automatically showing up on
replies and forwards?



His reply settings. He has the selection that says within Options that says
"include original message" when replying to a message. And since he didnt
create the original message with his signature, then....

Mike Webb

Okay, I've got a glimmer of what you mean. Now ... what SHOULD he set it to
so he can have his signature on replies and forwards?


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