Problem with PropertyGrid and DateTimePicker

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I have a problem using a DateTime or Date value in the propertygrid in
VS 2003 in a project.

I have displayed an object in the PropertyGrid that has a DateTime
value. When the property is clicked in the PropertyGrid the
DateTimePicker is displayed with the correct value. However if the Year
is clicked and the value is moved backwards in time using the UpDown
control provided the display of dates for the month is incorrect.

I have seen this behaviour in the VS IDE as well as in a form I have

The DateTimePicker works correctly if it is embedded on a Windows Form.

Does anybody know what is wrong or is aware of a getround.

The problem is easy to reproduce:

Start a new Windows application
Create a basic class with a DateTime property
apply an instance of the class to the propertygrid
click the down arrow and go backwards in the years

If have not tested this in c#




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