Problem with new RRAS setup


Tom Csanadi

I am currently working on a 2000 Server. We just decided to setup RRAS on
it to be a VPN server. I have Service Pack 4 loaded. I ran through the
setup wizard and after I was done I tried to connect the PPTP vpn. When it
gets to Verifying username and password it pauses for a long time. I
started investigating in the RRAS management screen, and I am noticing that
under IP Routing and General the third Interface that says internal. It is
not available and non-operational. I tried disabling a resetting up many
times but it is always the same, I also tried a new NIC. I have dozens of
servers all setup the same as this that work fine. Has anybody seen this
and know how to fix it?



Marc Reynolds [MSFT]

The Internal interface will show not available until a RAS/VPN connection is
sucessfully made.

241398 RRAS Console Displays an "Internal" Routing Interface

You need to make sure that tcp port 1723 and IP Protocol 47 (GRE) are being
allow on the firewalls and routers between the client and server.


Marc Reynolds
Microsoft Technical Support

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