Problem with my new PC



hi iam new here wud like to share this problem with you, ive got a new
pc and the performance isnt meeting the hardware spedifications.. here
it is:

- intel pentium4 550 (3.4 ghz) LGA775
- Gigabyte 8ANXP-D motherboard 925x (dual GB LAN, built in firewire,
11 USB 2.0 ports, 7.1 audio, 8 SATA ports, wireless LAN, and some
other stuff)
- 1gb KingMax 512x2 bus533
- 80gb Seagate 7200 SATA HDD
- Gigabyte ATI Radeon X600 Pro Card
- 480 Watt Thermaltake pure power butterfly power supply
- running windowsXP SP2 with all recent updates (installed SP1 and
updated to SP2)..
- all drivers are up to date..
- i have mcafee security installed

well i put here the bits that count in my problem

i have many problems, here they are:

1- when going to PC properties, it says: Intel Pentium 4 Processor
3.40 GHz 2.81 GHz, 1gb

why does it say 2.81??? it shud be 3.4 3.4 not 3.4 2.8!!!!!!!!!! it
says 3.4 twice in the hardware list though.. other HT processors
posts same speed with 1-3 mhz difference not all that!!

2- the PC loading in windows XP startup is slow, this is normal cuz
the MB has many many features and addons and drivers to load.. but
the PC in general isnt fast, it scored 2500 in PC mark 2004! which is
way too too low.. games work very fine TOP infact.. but loading is
relatively low to other PC's..

any advice???



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