problem with MSBackup and +60gig file on Win2000 server


Andrew Crowe

Hi guys,

I'm using a 180gig harddisk in a removable caddy to backup a raid system.

The problem I'm now having is that the backup file (Created in Microsoft
Windows Backup 5.0) is bigger then 60gigs, which seems to cause the whole
partition to be destroied. and requires a reformat

If I create multiple files that go above 60gigs in total it works fine.

I've tried changing the block size from the recommended size to 64k (maximum
it'll allow) but this makes no difference.

Is this 60gig file size limit a problem with the file system, or is this a
limit of MSBackup?





Andrew Crowe

To follow this up I've created a 60gig file on WinXP Pro on the same drive
with no problems

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