Problem with folder icons on Desktop



Win XP Home, FF

Quite often the icons will change from a custom icon
to the plain folder icon, and I must play the game of
this/that/etc. to change it back to the custom one
I've made with IfranView. Even then when I open the
folder the icons within have change from the old Icons
to thumbnails and the window(?) as gone from a small
one to a huge one.

How can I stop this from happening?
(I don't want to use IE or whatever the news reader is.)

Thanks all...


Don said:
To save those custom icons, right click on the icon, properties, General
tab, check Read only.
Hi Don
I have, I've about 30 icons I've saved, and used them
for this, that, and something else. I even have a
program called Icon Snatcher in case I don't have one
for some new program.
Thanks for the reply,

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