problem with favorites in internet explorer



It appears that the favorites function is acessing the windows folder and not
the favorites folder. So, when you go to favorites you see the windows
folder on the hardrive, not the favorites folder in documents and settings.
The weird thing, is that I created a new folder in the favorites folder, and
it has appeared in the windows folder as well, it's in both of them. I don't
know how to fix it as it is annoying to try to pull up favorites and get your
entire windows folder. It also does not pull up the favorites folder from
documents and settings. The weblinks from that folder do not appear when you
open it in ie6 or the regular windows explorer. thanks for any help.

Alan Edwards

It looks like your Registry entry is in error.

You can change the value of Favorites in the Registry in these
two keys: (ignore the second if the value is not there)


Shell Folders

For Windows 2000/XP:
Shell Folders]
Set the Favorites path to : %USERPROFILE%\Favorites

The above should be a REG_EXPAND_SZ value, not REG_SZ



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