Problem with Conditional Formatting when Inserting a Row



I currently have a procedure that allows the users to click on a button
to move a selected row up or down in a list. The problem I'm having is
that when they move the rows down the conditional formating on the
cells get screwed up. Below is an example of what happens when I try to
move row 1 down to row 2.

Conditional Formatting Formulas Prior to Move.
(There is actually 2 conditions in each, but for simplicty I just used
Row 1 = "=$A1"
Row 2 = "=$A2"
Row 3 = "=$A3"

Conditional Formatting After I moved row one down to row 2.

Row 1 = Formatting is gone
Row 2 = "=$A4"
Row 3 = "=$A5"

Here is the part of the code that I use to move the rows. The problem
seems to occur when I use the insert statement.

MoveFrom = Selection.Row
Rows(MoveFrom + 2).Select
Selection.Insert shift:=xlDown
Rows(MoveFrom + 1).Select

The thing that makes this more frustrating is that I don't get the same
problem when the user moves a row up. It's basically the same logic.
Any help would be greatlty appreciated.


Bob Phillips

How about copying?

movefrom = Selection.Row
Rows(movefrom + 2).Insert shift:=xlDown
Rows(movefrom + 1).Select



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Thanks Bob,
Actually that's what I wound up doing to get it to work. I also had to
add a line of code to go up and delete the original line because I used
the copy instead of cut. I'm guessing that there is some sort of glich
with Cut commnand because it seems to over adjust the row references
when you use the insert statement.

Thanks again,

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