Problem with AxImp and VS 2010



I have a legacy application which involves creating a ActiveX wrapper
for a
DLL written in C++ and adding it to a VB.Net windows application.
In VS 2005, the process is:
<Compile and link App.dll>
Regsvr32 App.dll
AxImp App.dll -> produces AxApp.dll and AppLib.dll

I upgraded to VS 2010 and recompiled and linked and registered the dll
again. This time, when I ran AxImp, I get the message:
"did not find a registered ActiveX control"

I ran
TlbImp App.dll -> produces AppLib.dll
AxImp App.dll -> Same error message as above.

What am I doing wrong? (Be merciful - I'm not that familiar with
ActiveX or Interop).


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