Problem with add a secondary monitor



I have hard time to add a second monitor to my laptop on a docking station.

I have read the following documentations.

I have found on the website that a few people have the same computer that I
have (Lenovo X200). And, we have the same docking station. They got the dual
monitor working. So, I know my laptop has everything needed to run two
monitors. In addition, I ordered the same adapter to connect from the
Displayport to a DVI-D cable. The only thing might be different with them are
monitors. Anyway, I am ready to do it.

After everything is configured, my second monitor shows PC -- Check signal

I unplug the cable and plug it back in. I see a small window (Full Screen
Magnifier in Multi-Monitor mode) on my primary monitor. It says you can move
active window from your primary display to your secondary display by pressing
Fn+Space. I don’t have the Fn key on my external keyboard. I have the Fn key
on my Laptop. This procedure is not described in the above websites. I have
tried to drag the Solitaire window to the secondary monitor, nothing
happening. Anyway, this doesn’t seem like what I want. It’s more like the
Dualview instead of Multiple Monitor.

Another strange thing is that I cannot IDENTIFY the second monitor in the
SETUP step. It always IDENTIFY as a big one.

I have tried the Trouble Shooting procedure but I could not find a solution.
What’s the next step? Please help.

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