Problem when opening another database


Darren Nellies

I have a problem that I was hoping you guys can help me with.

I have a "Main Menu" form which is used to control which other
database a user would like to access (I have a multitude of systems).

Each button on this Main Menu opens a different database.

The Main Menu is configured as both Modal and Popup so that the normal
MS Access toolbars are hidden.

When the new database is opened, the database is opened like normal
with no problems. However the focus automatically switches back to the
Main Menu.

Please note that the form on the new database is also configured as
both Modal and Popup to hide the MS Access toolbars.

I know that I can jus close the Main Menu database to resolve this but
I would rather not do this. Is there anyway of setting focus on the
new database?







Arvin Meyer [MVP]

Unless someone else has another idea. I think that you will need to close
the current database.
Arvin Meyer, MCP, MVP

Not if it's modal. Unless, the new database objects are also modal.
Arvin Meyer, MCP,

- Show quoted text -

The new database is a completely different MDB and yes the new form is
configured as Modal and Popup.

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