problem w/ making .zip files



i have this problem with the .zip files. I can't seem to
make any. Usually theres an option where i can send files
to a compressed .zip file but when i choose that option
(for example, when i try to send pictures through e-mail)
it says:

For Compressed Folders to handle ZIP correctly, the
application associated with them must be compressed
(zipped) folders. Currently this is not the case.

Do you want to designate Compressed (zipped) folders as
the application for handling ZIP files?

and yeah i don't know what that means or how to handle
that one. I used to be able to make .zip files but for
some reason i can't do it anymore.






Suggestions and added info:

Go to Start/Run and type in: regsvr32 zipfldr.dll

Restore Zip Folders to Default in XP (Line 139)

HOW TO: Use Compressed (Zipped) Folders in Windows XP;en-us;Q306531

Hotfix 329048 Causes a Zipped File Not to Be Shown If the Name Contains a

Zip Files Downloaded with Internet Explorer Are Not Saved to Your Computer;en-us;308090&Product=winxp

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