Problem Sharing Printer - Windows 98 and Windows XP Professional SP2 (cross post)



Originally posted in microsoft.public.windowsxp.general:

Upgraded a computer from WindowsME to Windows XP Professional SP2.
A Lexmark X73 all-in-one printer/scanner is connected to the computer
just upgraded to XP.
Windows 98 computer that is networked cannot print on the Lexmark X73
that is shared; when I attempt to print a test page from the Windows 98
box, an error box appears (after a long wait) indicating there is a
problem communicating with the printer. There are just those two
computers networked. File sharing and networking has been set up
between the two machines and appears to work fine except for the
printing issue. Before the upgrade from WindowsME to Windows XP, there
was no problem printing to the shared printer from the Windows 98
machine. The XP machine prints directly to the Lexmark X73 without

I noticed something else that seems strange. Before the upgrade to XP,
I had used "LEXMARK" as the share name for the printer; now I use
"LEXMARKX73". The old share name from WindowsME still appears in
WindowsXP when I view the workgroup computers. I cannot seem to remove
the "LEXMARK" share name and it cannot be accessed. (If I click on it
an error box pops up that states "Operation could not be completed.
Either the printer name was typed incorrectly, or the specified printer
has lost its connection to the server.) The "LEXMARK" share appears on
the Windows98 box when the two computers are networked and cannot be
accessed there either. If shut down one or the other computer, it only
appears on the WindowsXP machine (when I view the workgroup computers).
The "LEXMARK" share does not appear in the WindowsXP "printers and
faxes" folder. I wonder if this oddity has any effect on the ability to
print from the Windows98 machine to printer connected to the XP
machine? This is side issue for me, if not. My main concern is being
able to print to the shared printer.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.

Steve Hawkins

This is a long shot, but since nobody else seems to have responded you might
note this from another string. You may find that you are not seeing
important security settings tabs in the 'properties' sheets for the printers
because 'simple file sharing' is enabled in XP. See if things are clearer
without it - they certainly were for us!

Good luck,

"You don't say what your problem is exactly, but you might find that you
a problem where only 'Administrators' are allowed to use the HP.

It took us ages to find out that our HP3330 came with the 'security' options
set for Power Users and Administrators only. As there was no Power Users
group on our system 'Users' were stuck.

The problem remained undetectable because our XP came with 'use simple file
sharing' checked. This rather innocent looking setting hides all the
'security' tabs from the properties sheets of devices such as the printer,
so you never get the chance to see that it is not set for all users. I have
asked HP to be aware of this in future drivers...

'Use simple file sharing' is also found in a very odd place: the very bottom
of the 'Tools/FolderOptions/View' menu! Not somewhere one would tend to
look for something that has such a profound affect on your ability to set
security options and get control of your devices!




Thanks for the response. "Simple file sharing" was indeed enabled, but
printing rights for all users were already enabled. Power Users and
Adminstrators could also "manage printers" and "manage documents". I
tried enabling those permissions for all users. Problem still occurs.

I did some research on Lexmark's knowledge base in the interim. Oddly
enough, Lexmark indicates that the X73 all-in-one printer cannot be
shared over a peer-to-peer network! I know this is incorrect because,
as indicated in my original post, before I upgraded my WindowsME
machine to WindowsXP SP2 I shared this printer without difficulty.

I found a thread from October 2004 that indicates this is an issue with
the "DCOM communication interface", whatever that is:

The thread ends without indicating a resolution.

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