Problem running form from toolbar in correct profile

Jul 29, 2010
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Hi there,
At work I have 3 Outlook windows running at all times, 1 personal mailaccount and 2 accounts shared with co-workers.
The instances are started through a shortcut with a profile "profilename" addition behind the .exe in the shortcut target field.

On the personal account I have created a new toolbar with in it a hyperlinked button, pointing at a form.

Now whe i press the button, Outlook switches to another instance, one of the shared ones (which by the way doesn't have the toolbar) and pops up a new message template from the form.
When I send this to someone, it will be sent by the shared account, not the personal account i tried starting the form from.

When I start the form the "classic way" by going to Tools>Choose Form>select form folder>select form>click open (instead of starting the form through the created toolbar button) it works fine and opens and sends the form from my personal account as intended.

I hope someone has a way to solve this, it has me puzzled and i;m not getting anywhere no matter what I try.
Thanks for your insights and efforts!

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