Problem opening a .ppt presentation from an online source



I am in a college course and my professor has his presentations loaded on an
internet share site called WebCT...something like SharePoint. Whenever we
first started viewing the presentations, of course you would click the link
for the presentation and then the File Download box appears and you click
open. The presentation would load just fine. Now when I go to open a
presentation and click "Open" the presentation will load and ave only blank
pages. You may see some outlines of a chart or a few animations or arrows
but no text or anything else. I once go a message that said something about
maybe some of the applications in said presentation are not able to be
viewed. So from that point I tried to reload the presentation by clicking
"Save" and still the same result. I definitely have PowerPoint on my system
because I installed the entire Microsoft Office 2007 program suite. SOMEONE



Lucy Thomson

Hi MoHill

A few thoughts:
1. Make sure the file is opening in full PowerPoint and not the Viewer:
Changing a File Association, Repairing broken File Associations

2. Make sure you have a default windows approved printer driver:
How to install a TEST printer driver

3. Have a play with graphic hardware acceleration setting:
How to set graphics hardware acceleration back

4. Can you ask fellow students if they are having any problems or is it just

5. Are any other PowerPoint files having problems or just these ones?

Let us know how you get on.


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