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Michael Padvaganian

Hello I'm kinda new at Access and am having a problem. I
have a table that i load from a text file. The data
should have a unique field(s). The problem is that there
are some occurances of non unique data. I load the data
into a table and am able to query and locate the records
that dont belong in the data. The question is how do I
get these records out of my data. Can I join my table
with the query that locates the redundant data and
eliminate this data.





Howard Brody

Import your text file into a temp table (a table you're
going to delete once you're done).
Run any scrubs on the data.
Run a query to select the unique records from the temp
table and append them into your main table.
Purge the temp table
Hope this helps!

Howard Brody

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