Problem integrating RIS and Ghost


Karl Stringer

I am trying to use RIS and Ghost together to pull down desktop images.
So far I have Ghost 8 on my RIS server and I've created a ghost boot
image using Ghost Boot Wizard (selecting Microsoft RIS Boot Option).
This integrated with RIS without any problems and when I do a PXE
network book on a desktop I see the ghost option in CIW.

When I choose this option the machine boots to the default ghost screen
but my problem is how do I pull down a .GHO image from here? I cannot
see (or map any network drives) from the ghost console.

I'd rather use standalone mode for my ghost sessions rather than
multicast but at the moment I can't get either to work. I know that to
use standalone mode I need to map a drive using net use before I launch
the ghost executable but I'm really not sure how to go about doing
this. There doesn't seem to be an option to do this in the Ghost Boot
Wizard so how and where would I configure this?

Although I'd rather not use mulitcast I did try this method. I
specified the appropriate parameters in the boot wizard (i.e.
-clone,mode=load,[email protected],dst=1 -sure -rb) and I've set up a session
called test on the ghostcast server server and have it waiting for
clients to connect. But when I lauch ghost from the CIW it times out
saying that it is unable to establish a connection with the session

I thought that I was following the instructions correctly but I'm
obviously going wrong somewhere. Can anyone help?


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