Problem importing rules



I have already imported a complete PST file from my desktop to my laptop. Now
the Personal folder of both machines have the same structure. The problem
occurs when i try to import the rules i exported from my desktop (in a .rwz
file). I keep getting the following message when i clik OK or Apply for the
newly imported rules(Rules and Alerts/Options/Import Rules/OK..)...

Some of your rules do not have all their options set. If you save your
rules, these rules with missing options will be deactivated. Do you want to
save your rules?

No matter how i answer this question all the rules are deactivated and each
and every one report errors i.e. each rule loses its specified folder,
weird?? If i don't clik Apply or OK and go in and check each rule they are
complete and correct.

I am baffled???



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