problem importing contacts/ update of birhtday in calendar



Imagine the following:

I change my computer and I export my contacts into a excel
or txt file in order to import them again into the new
computer afterwards.

I did this process several times and always I have the
same problem:

After importing the contacts, I can see the birthdays in
the contacts folder, but they disapear from the calendar -
as a result, outlook does not remembers me about the
birthdays. I have to click in each birthday and save again
each contact in order to refresh this information in the
calendar folder.

Is there an automatic way to refresh all birthdays/
anniversaries of outlook contacts into outlook calendar?

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

If you are moving data from one installation to another of the _same_
program, why are you exporting at all?
Just copy and reuse the PST file so you don't lose so much information.

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