Problem: getting generic error in gdi+



I have set a file based photo galery. Thumbnails are generated and saved to
disk. Everything was working or so i thought until i found this problem.
When you click a link to go to a gallery everything works fine. But if you
reload that page then you get the dreaded generic error message. To it
happen go to
and then reload the page.
My code making the thumbs is this: Any idea whats happening and how to fix

Ashok Padmanabhan

For Each oFile In oFiles

Dim ext As String = oFile.Extension.ToLower

If ext = ".jpg" Or ext = ".gif" And ThumbFile.GetLength(0) <>
oFiles.GetLength(0) Then

Dim FileName As String = oFile.Name.ToLower()

Dim g As System.Drawing.Image

Dim boxWidth As Int32 = 100

Dim boxHeight As Int32 = 100

Dim newHeight, sizer, newWidth As Double

g = System.Drawing.Image.FromFile(PhysPath & "\" & FileName)

If g.Height > g.Width Then

sizer = CDbl(boxWidth / g.Height)


sizer = CDbl(boxHeight / g.Width)

End If

newWidth = Convert.ToInt32(g.Width * sizer)

newHeight = Convert.ToInt32(g.Height * sizer)

Dim g2 As New System.Drawing.Bitmap(g, CInt(newWidth), CInt(newHeight))


Dim Epars As New EncoderParameters(1)

Dim Ic As ImageCodecInfo


Ic = GetEncoderInfo("image/jpeg")

Epars.Param(0) = New EncoderParameter(Encoder.Quality, 90)

g2.Save(destdir & "/" & Path.GetFileName(FileName), Ic, Epars)


g = Nothing

g2 = Nothing


'do nothing

End If

Next oFile



S. Justin Gengo


Perhaps you have a corrup file in there? Try setting a breakpoint and
stepping through your code. See which image your code errors out on. Is it
the very first image? How many images does your code convert successfully
before the error occurrs? If the error occurrs after a few images are
successfully converted then you may have to test if you have a valid image
to convert before attempting said conversion.


S. Justin Gengo
Web Developer / Programmer

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"Out of chaos comes order."




All images convert to thumbs. I upload the orginal full size images
(around 600 px wide). Then on pade load the thumbnail gen sub fires
making the thumbs and the thumbs directory. The error appears only when
the page is refreshed in the browser. As long as you navigate the
gallery via the links then now error. Just on page refresh.

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