Problem Copying Charts to PowerPoint



I have some Excel code that copies some Excel charts to PowerPoint. It's
giving me an error message that the clipboard is empty. Something in my code
must be emptying the clipboard, but I don't see what it is. The error
message occurs when I try to paste the chart at the last line of the code
shown below:

Range("Analysis_Left").CopyPicture Appearance:=xlScreen, Format:=xlPicture

'Open PowerPoint
Set myAPP = CreateObject("Powerpoint.Application")
myAPP.Visible = True
myAPP.WindowState = ppWindowMinimized

'Create one new PowerPoint presentation and no more
If myAPP.Presentations.Count = 0 Then
Set ppPres = myAPP.Presentations.Add(msoTrue)
ppPres.Slides.Add 1, ppLayoutBlank

NextSlide = 1 + (myAPP.ActivePresentation.Slides.Count)

End If

'Paste the left side of the image into a PowerPoint slide




Thanks, I tried both of those things, and neither one has any effect.

I should have been more specific. The code works the first time I run it,
and also if I run it over and over, but if I click on the PowerPoint file and
go back to Excel and run the code again, then it doesn't work and I get the
error message that says the clipboard is empty. However, the clipboard can't
be empty because I can then manually paste from it straight into the
PowerPoint file. Somehow, by going into the PowerPoint file after the code
runs I am disrupting something.

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