Probing for DLL's in ASP.Net 2.0



Is there a way to group dll files by putting them in a subdirectory in the
bin directory for 2.0 Web Site projects and have the CLR find them?
I tried using <probing> and adding the following to the appropriate location
(<configuration>) in the web.config file to indicate I wanted it to
look in the bin\subbin directory, but to no success. I do not have any
<codebase> defined.

The relevent peices of the web.config file look like:

<assemblyBinding xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1">
<probing privatePath="bin\subbin"/>

My bin directory is under root and my binary is culture neutral so I believe
with the above file the CLR should be looking in:


Does probing even work for Web projects?

Any help would be appreciated,




Steven Cheng[MSFT]

Hi Dean,

Welcome to the MSDN newsgroup.

As for the private assembly probing for ASP.NET application, it is limited
to the "bin" dir only. This is because ASP.NET runtime host is a
particularly customized .NET CLR host (different from normal console or
winform application). Currently we have to put all the private assemblies
in the "bin" sub dir of the appliation.


Steven Cheng
Microsoft Online Support

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