Private appointments not retrievable with GetSharedDefaultFolder

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I'm retrieving the appointments of other calenders with VBA.
It works wonderfully using the "GetSharedDefaultFolder" to get the calender
of another user.

The thing is a don't get any items marked as private. I don't expect to be
able to see what the contents of the private appointment is, but I want to
know the date and time of the appointment.
The funny thing is if I get the calender with GetSharedDefaultFolder and
display it I see the private appointments.

What's wrong here?


After you add a user via the Delegates tab, ensure that you have the
"Delegate can see my private items" checkbox selected on the permissions

Stephan Schlatter via


I tried the delegation, but this didn't work either.

I'm more interessted in solution without delegation because I'm retrieving
around 20-30 calenders (also other people should be able to run the app.).

Any other ideas?

(btw: We're working with Outlook 2003 and Exchange Server 2003).[/QUOTE]


Without the proper permissions for user's mailboxes and folders, you simply
cannot access their information. Outlook provides the Delegates tab to
simplify configuring these permissions for users, otherwise administrators
can also configure these rights and more on the appropriate Mailbox objects
using Exchange System Manager.

Otherwise, you may want to review this link for more info:

Considerations when you use the Delegate Access feature in Microsoft Outlook:;en-us;829217

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