Private Appointment



I created a private appointment on a shared calendar that I have editor
rights for. I am unable to open the appointment - even though I created it.
Is it correct to say that only the shared mailbox account would be able to
access private items? I'm just confused why it is that way because I created
the item.

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

correct, unless the mailbox gives you permission to the private items.


I am having a problem accomplishing this in Outlook 2007 and Exchange 2003. I
grant a user Publishing Editor permissions to a calendar and then assign
delegate rights to see private appointments. If the user is a network admin,
these permissions work as I expect. If the users is not a network admin they
still cannot open anything private, whether they created it or not. Do you
knjow if there is anything besides Outlook permissions affecting this ability?

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