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I am using a format choice on my calendar (Small Bus
Edition 2003)that shows my daily calendar (left)and tasks
that are due that day or have no due date (right). When
I attempt to print it in the "trifold" format, it prints
with all tasks shown - not just those due today or with
no due date. How can I get it to print just those due
today or with no due date.

I was able to do this on my previous computer (Small Bus
Edition 98).

Thanks for your help.



Jan 18, 2006
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Update to SP1

Issues that are fixed with Office 2003 Service Pack 1

Ht [and] tp://

Completed tasks also print when you print the Taskpad with the calendar
When you print the Taskpad with the calendar, the completed tasks print together with your active tasks.


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