Printing problem



Hi friends,

I have an image of size 22" x 22.5"(jpg file). I want to print the file.
I have only HP Laser Jet 1200 PCL printer and we can print only A4 size. What
my question is...

How can I print this image in multipple A4 size papers so that I will
combine all the papers to form big image.

When I see print preview, "Its showing only 1 page of the image. and number
of pages also Page1 of 1..."

Can anybody please help me to do this!

Thanks in advance

Jon Kennedy

I don't know about your particular printer driver, but most HP ones allow
for poster printing. Go to Start...Settings...Printers and Faxes, right
click on your printer, choose Printing Preferences...go to the Finishing tab
(or elsewhere), and see if there's a "Poster Printing" option there.

If no joy, this cool tool may be helpful:
Or -

Or there's other third-party software that will help you do what you want:

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