Printing over a Network



I have a user who has a pc and a laptop. The PC has a printer connected
to it which he has shared over the local network.

Whenever he tried to send a print to the printer from the laptop
however, a message comes up saying he doesn't have rights. We then have
to go into My Network Places, Computers near me, select the PC, then the
Printer. Finally he has to put his user ID and Password in. After
this he can print to the printer, but the next day he's back to square one.

How can I get round this problem. His user ID and password for both
machines is the same, and they are both running Windows 2000.



I take it from your post that you do not have a domain running, you are
running a peer-to-peer network?

If this is the case, I have had a similar problem with Windows XP recently,
what I had to do is in the security box of the printer (on the PC) is
manually add his username to the list and give him the neccesary rights to
Print documents and manage documents, try this first, failing that, you may
have to add the "Everyone" group and issign permissions that way



Follow the below given steps:

* Browse the n/wnbhd and select the system where the printer is connected.
* Double click the printer. It will prompt for installing the printer driver
on you local system. Press OK.
* Close all the dialoge box if any opens.
* Open the document n click on print.

You will get the printout without any problem.

Just try it............

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