printing on a bulletin border that is 4" by 36"



Using microsoft word and wordart is there any way to print on a bulletin
border that is 4" by 36"? I seem to get stopped at 22" long and then it
won't always print longer that 11". These are strips of paper that teachers
use to outline their bulletin board.



Jay Freedman

No, there's no way to get Word to print *anything* longer than 22"
even if your printer can handle paper bigger than that. In any case,
it won't print a page larger than the maximum the printer allows.

Excel doesn't have that limitation.

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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Mary Sauer

I sort of answered this in the Publisher newsgroup. If you do not have
continuous paper why not simply print your border two or three to a page
depending if you are using landscape or portrait. You will have to tile the
border anyway. It is a much easier operation in Publisher.

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