Printing Main Report Details on all pages




I have a MainReport with 6 SubReports. The report views only 1 record in the
main report + it SubReports' records (1 or more records in each subRecord).
What i want is to print some of the mainReport details at the top of all
pages if the subRecords are printed on more than 1 page. i put the details I
want to be printed on the 1st page only, I put them in the Report Header and
the ones I want to be printed on all pages in the Page Header. This works
fine, but the Page Header doesn't have the properties of Can Grow and Can
Shrink and I need them for when a field size is bigger than the control size.
Is there a way to do this?




Allen Browne

In report design view, open the Sorting And Grouping box, and create a Group
Header on the primary key field. Then set the Repeat Section property of
this new header to Yes, and it will repeat on every page.


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