Printing issues from XP Pro laptop to Vista Home Premium PC



I have issues when trying to print from applications, such as Word or
Notepad, from my XP laptop.

The printer (Konica Minolta 2500w Color Laser, USB) is connected to my Vista
Home Premium PC. Documents print fine from the PC itself.

The strange thing is I can print a test page from the XP laptop, from the
General tab on the Printer Properties page, but when I try to print from an
application I get errors and nothing prints (and nothing even shows up in the
print queue). The errors vary depending on the application I am trying to
print from.

I have double checked my network settings and ensured that:
all computers are in the same workgroup
printer sharing is turned on
password protection is turned off

Other network functions appear fine (file sharing for example).

I have tried un-installing the printer and installing the latest drivers,
but the same situation occurs.

Any suggestions appreciated!


I am having the exact same issue, although I can't even print a test page. I
have 2 XP PCs on the network and the printer is on a Vista machine. One XP
PC prints fine, and the other can't even find the printer on the network.
Since one XP PC works fine, I think my Vista machine is set up correctly.
Any information on this issue would help.


I don't know what I did, but it is working now. I made sure user names are
the same for all PCs in the network. I don't have passwords enabled. I made
sure the public folder on the Vista machine was visible from all PCs. For
some reason, the network printer was then visible from the laptop. Not sure
what I did that made it work.

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