Printing Emails -- only current page




I would like to print only the current page of my emails.
BUT.. half of the time, when I press "print", I only get
the "memo style" way of printing -- and it doesn't allow
me to pick only page 1.

How can I ensure that each time I print, I can get the
screen with "page range" on it -- so I only print off my
current page vs. the entire email and it's history?

Thank you very much!

K. Ramaswamy

This problem exists if the email is a text based email. If the email is HTML
you can select the page by putting the page number. Hence the easiest way to
handle this I have found is to go to edit the email & change the format to
HTML & select the page to print.

If the email is of only 2 pages then ofcourse you can use the ODD or even
selection to selcet only one page.

Best Regards,
K. Ramaswamy

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