Printing Crystal Report to Postscript


Peter Afonin


I'm using Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2005.

I'm trying to print my reports to the postscript file:

PrinterSettings ps = new PrinterSettings();
ps.PrinterName = "HP Deskjet 3840 Series";
ps.PrintFileName = txtPath.Text.Trim() + "\\" + txtFormNo.Text.Trim() +
ps.PrintToFile = true;
rpt.PrintOptions.CopyFrom(ps, ps.DefaultPageSettings);
rpt.PrintToPrinter(1, true, 0, 0);

Although I specified PrintToFile, this procedure still prints a hard copy,
and not a postscript file.

I've also tried to install Adobe Postscript driver and print directly to PS
printer - but getting errors that some method is not supported, I don't
know which one yet.

I'd found some posts in the forums
( saying
that there was a bug with PS printing in Crystal reports that had been fixed
in version Crystal XI Release 2 Service Pack 3. But, first, I even don't
know what version I have, I couldn't find a way to look it up in the Visual
Studio - there is no CR version under Help. Second, I cannot update directly
from my Visual Studio (probably due to my company's proxy settings), and I
couldn't download an update from the Business Objects web site either, it
seems that only registered users of the full version can do this.

I would appreciate very much any help with this issue. Either I'm missing
something in my code, or I really need an update? If so - is there a way to
get it somehow?

Thank you,


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