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Hello everyone...

Happy new year!

I have MS Outlook 2003 that came with Office 2003 Professional. with service
pack 3 running on XP Home edition, SP2

I want to print all my contacts from within a contact folder, but I want to
include the notes that I keep within each record. These are the manually
entered notes that are kept under the web page address and the IM address on
the default contacts form in which you enter contact information.

Currently, when the records are printed, the contact name and address and
email address and phone numbers are printing, but the notes are being left

How can I include those notes in that field?

Please help.

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Judy Gleeson \(MVP Outlook\)

You need to:

1. view outlook in a table of Contacts. Try Phone List or By Category View.
2. show the Notes field ( I use the Field Chooser which is on the Advanced
3. print in table style


Judy Gleeson
MVP Outlook
Trainer and Consultant

There are various articles about using Outlook here:
Canberra, Australia

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Change your view on the left hand side to DETAILED ADDRESS CARD....Then when
you go up to File --> Print you'll see lots of options for printing....and
they do include the notes. Hope this will help! PS We tried Judy's answer
and it didn't work for our purposes.... Bons

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