Printing Checkbox values


Greg Mce

Hope someone can help. I have designed a form in
Outlook '97 to be used for a 6 week marketing campaign
that begins Monday 25/8.

On the compose page it is made up of text boxes, combo
boxes and check boxes. The form has a separate read page
where all data is captured via the field names into text
boxes. The recipient recives the form with the correct
data without a problem. The value from the checkboxes
display correctly as either yes or no.

The property for the field on the compose page is value
and on the read page it is text. (I have also tried value)

My problem is that if the user prints this page the values
of the checkbox are printed as either -1 (for yes) and 0
(for no). Is there any way that when printed it will
print with the actual value of yes or no.

I would prefer not to have to programmatically find a
solution but if it is the only way then some guidance
would be most appreciated.


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