Printer wizard cannot add a prtr nor is Print spooler working.



What appears is that I cannot add a local printer. Though
printers were active some weeks ago, I think the problem
started when I tried to share a printer thru a network -
setup(2 pc's) one w/XP Pro and another w/XP home edition.
So, I did a restore, but no change in printer problems.

1) In Printers and Faxes-does not show any printers in que.
I have an Epson 785EPX/1280 and Canon BC820D. All USB, but
when trying to add any unit - 'error' Operation Cannot Be

2) Also get error 'Print Spooler Not Active. Went into
Admin.Tools-System and started the Print Spooler, but
still this did not allow any printers to be added or any
print functions.

3) LPT1 error 'LPT1 Port is set to Port'. What should it
be set to? And how?

Any ideas, Thanks.

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

Run a Systems File Check... from the command prompt, type

sfc /scannow

(note the space between the c and the /)

This will check and replace any System Files that may be corrupted. You
should now regain the ability to use the Add Printer Wizard.


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