Printer error...or printing error I gues it is how you look at it



we have a small network maybe 20-30 comps. all the
printers we have are connected physically to a PC and
shared through the PC.

Now for the Problem:

I have one guy now that cannot print... as far as i know
he could do it yesterday. when trying to print he gets an
error and it says: "Printing may have been disabled from
another program" NEVER seen that one. and this happens for
every printer i've put on his system. I can't add the
printers again because i get a message saying something
like "you've seleted a printer that no longer exists on
the server..." everyone else is printing just fine. i've
checked his NIC card but other than the printing, his comp
is working fine and all connections to the server are

the machines have win2k
printers are HP laserJet4m and HP LaserJet5n

again he's the ONLY person that cannot print... File and
Print Sharing is checked on his NIC card options...



I ran into a similar problem with one of my Win2k clients
yesterday. Check the free space on the HDD, it may be that
he's running low on space. I've also had luck clearing the
Temp files, you can also set the IE browser to empty the
temp files when it closes under the Advanced tab in the
Options dialog.

Let me know if that works.


Well the wonderful world of computers has me stumped
The computer was shut off while I was looking through
internet web site for possible answers....Turned the
computer back on unistalled then reinstalled the printers
and all is right in the world...
Go Figure.

Thanks for the reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year

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