Printer and Network Sharing between XP and VISTA



I have a problem with my network, similar to those few above, but different
as well.

I have a HP LaserJet 3020 printer connected to PC (WinXP, computer name:
office) via USB cable. This PC is connected to WiFi Router via cable (RJ-45).
There are 3 laptops connected wirelessly to that router also. 2 with WinXP
and one with Vista. I'll talk about this Vista-One.

When i'm trying to check out the computers in workgroup - nothing (other
PC's and Laptops have XP; I suppose that's why).
When I'm trying to get to the 'office' PC via '\\office' - nothing; info
that there's no machine like that etc.
BUT when i tried to connect via IP (\\ - Vista-One sees folders
and printers. So i tried to connect to the printer (right click and
'connect') and NOTHING - info that the printer is not connected.

What can I do with that in this moment?

Robert L \(MS-MVP\)

We may have two issues in this case. One is name resolution. To fix it, make
sure enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP on all computers (assuming you don't have
domain network). Two, you may want to install the printer as local port
first and then re-map it. this link may help,

Vista Print IssuesMany Vista printer issues are solved by installing the
printer as a Local Printer. 3. If you receive "access denied", check the
permeations ...

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