Print tab for each page field in PivotTable


Scott Hernandez


I run a monthly financial report and print a 'dashboard' tab for each
page field in my pivot table. Each report contains around 7-12
different groups that I pivot the data on. From the pivot table I go
back to the 'dashboard' tab and print the 'dashboard' tab (this tab
pulls in data from the pivot table as well as other tabs).

What I am looking to do is write a macro that will do the following
(1) Print the 'dashboard' tab for the PivotTable w/ 'all' fields
(2) Change the PivotTable to the first page field, switch back to the
'dashboard' tab and print
(3) Copy a small range of numbers from the 'dashboard' tab and paste to
another tab
(4) Repeat for each page field in the PivotTable (can vary from

Any help that can be offered is greatly appreciated! I've been
searching the internet and haven't come up with a clear way to do this.
I'm sure it can be done, I just need the aid of you Excel geniuses out


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