Print Spooler stops when printing Crystal Reports


Gene Zenk

Sometimes when printing a report generated from Crystal Reports the print
spooler dies on Win2k Server (terminal server, application mode). We haven't
been able to narrow it down to any particular report or any particular
circumstances other than a report from Crystal using the CRAXDRT Report
Designer Component integrated into our application. It has happend with both
Crystal Reports 8.5 and 9. The same report may cause the spooler to crash
one time but print without any problems the next 10 times.

I know the typical answer is bad print drivers can cause the print spooler
to stop. 90% of the printers in use are HP Laser printers - many different
models. And this happens across all of the terminal servers at our client
locations (probably 30+ Win2k terminal servers) and all of them use Crystal.
Does HP have that many bad drivers out there?

Any ideas? Thanks

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