Print report so each page is a separate print job


Mark P

Greetings - I'm using Access 2002 to mail merge owners &
properties into a single page letter.

We've recently purchased a Konica 7255 copier set up as a
network printer that will print and trifold up to 3 sheets
together, up to 50 sets.

Konica treats the report print job as one job, and as it
is more than 3 sheets, will print but won't trifold. It
will trifold if I print just 3 pages of the report

I'd like to be able to print each letter (we have around
900) as a separate print job, so that the copier will
print and trifold them.

Sam D

You'll need to open a recordset in VBA to loop around for each owner. Within
the loop print the report using the owner as the where clause in a
DoCmd.OpenReport statement.

I've often done this many times to enable duplex printing, however the
downside is that 900 different print jobs are sent, and they've all got the
same job name. Hence users generally just delete all spooled jobs. This
means should the printer jam or some other problem occur you need to include
a facility to start the job again at a particular point.

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