Print preferences not following default settings? help



Dear users

I have had siginificant problems with a networked Printer Driver for
the LexMark printers and WinXp.

the problem is when I try to print in any program, Msword, Excel or
even from IE, the printer preferences are not correct ( the way I want
it to be - it is set to print 2 pages on 1 sheet ).

So I go to Printers menu in the Start panel, and go to Printers and
Faxes in the control panel to make the change there; hoping all
programs will pick the new changes I made.

But when I go back to a program to print, it doesn't use the
preferences i have changed.

This is a problem, b/c everytime I want to print, I have to change the
preferences for each file/item to print.

I have tried uninstalling the printer drivers and reinstalling.
this problem doesnt happen with other networked printers on the

Thanks for any comments/help

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

Unless Lexmark has a special setting, the default is always going to be one
page per sheet and you must specify your particular like/dislike in the Page
Setup of the application you wish to print from, NOT from the printer

Change the Page Setup in each application to your preferences and save as a
template for future use.



Thank you for this information. I guess this hasn't happened on any
other computers in the network, and not this printer. I certainly
think I have corrupted printer preferences ( stored on the computer,
not from the printer. )

The actual dislike that I am trying to change with the LexMark printer
is the that is prints 2 pages on the A4. This comes as a set
preference even when I reinstall the driver. I personally think that
despite uninstalling the driver from the computer, it retains the
preferences/same dislike and when i reinstall, it uses those old
settings. Part and parcel I guess of windows ( making life easy )

thank you

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