print or copy filtered rows



Hi all
How do i copy or print filtered row and column for instence
i have data from a2:g2 and a2:g45 after sorting or filter it comes only 15
rows i want to copy these rows on another sheet also i want to print it.
please give me any suggestion.Thanks



Gord Dibben

To copy to another sheet just select the filtered rows and copy.

The hidden rows should not copy.

If they do for some strange reason try F5>Special>Visible cells only>OK

Copy those to another sheet for printing.

Easiest would be to just print the filtered sheet. Hidden rows will not

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP



Ron de Bruin

Basic steps are this

Copy the filter result to a new worksheet:

1) Select the whole data range or if you not have empty rows/columns in the range
you can use Ctrl * to select all data or use F5>Special>Current region>OK with
one cell selected in the data range.
If it copy all the data (there are a few reports of 2007 users) use also the shortcut
Alt ; or F5>Special>Visible cells only>OK to select only the Visible cells.

2) Ctrl c in all Excel versions or:
Excel 97-2003: Edit>Copy
Excel 2007: Home tab>Clipboard group>Copy

3) Shift F11 in all Excel versions to insert a worksheet or:
Excel 97-2003: Insert>Worksheet
Excel 2007: Home tab>Cells group>Insert...Sheet
Or use button next to the last tab

4) Ctrl v in all Excel versions or:
Excel 97-2003: Edit>Paste
Excel 2007: Home tab>Clipboard group>Paste

5) Select the worksheet with the filter

6) Press Esc

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